Topanga Canyon, CA

born & raised


*Multi-genre Songwriter

*Singer-Mezzo Soprano

*Classically trained on Viola

*Work ethic strong, not afraid to get dirty

* 5'4 after the chiropractor

*Learned stage presence from Shakespeare workshops and dance classes

*Composes music by feeling and ear. Give her a note or idea, she’s got it from there.

*Worked with the top brass in cinema and didn't soil herself

*Viola taught her everything, most importantly how to listen and how to find the flow.

*Interests include: photography, acting, architecture, biology, jewelry making, history, psychology, literature & anthropology.

*Cousin to Clive Davis


I loved movies so much I worked in film for a good time till I learned my heart needed music, and the heart of music was in Nashville, TN. Art reminds me where I came from and who I am. It’s a comfort food.

I love a wide range of musical talent & genres; Father John Misty, classic Madonna, Madeliene Peyroux, Pavorotti, Woody Allen. When I write, about 60% of the time I tap into a fictional character, my songs are very much a scene in a movie to me. Out of the 60% about 80% of that character is probably me.

I think it’s important to create for ourselves as artists, but also to inspire others. My art is for the dreamy loving souls who will be uplifted and for stoney-hearted sarcastic assholes that will rip it to shreds. Whatever. It's all fabulous and we all need it and it makes me happy to do it.

My music could be called Alternative, Americana, Pop, Rock and Blues.

I make multi-genre songs using myself as the common denominator.

"Nikki, your sound is different."

Well, I guess that’s because I am.