Pet My Kitty -a double entendre- inspired by Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, has sultry vocals, deep beats, & disco vibes, inviting listeners into a playful, upbeat cinematic world of lavish parties and mischievous rendezvous.

REVIEW: Nikki Christie Releases Alt-Pop Video For “Pet My Kitty”

Written by: A & R Factory, London England, UK.

Posted on 19th October 2017

If the song title might suggest a saccharine, disposable pop track destined for anonymity, as soon as the big, warped riffs and pounding beats kick in, you realize that you are in an entirely different world.  Yes, it is pop, but a pop that seems to come from a place infused with burlesque tease and electro rock confidence and playful infectiousness, somehow both classy and sultry at the same time.

To be able to make music that is at once painted in Day-Glo hues yet contains something darkly odd and slightly unsettling is a wonderful thing and Pet My Kitty is all that and more. Amongst its strong, danceable grooves and addictive beats lies just a whiff of insanity and it is this slightly unhinged element that makes Christie a very intriguing prospect. If you think that pop is built around safe and predictable, throw away music, Pet My Kitty comes along to remind us that some of it is not only far from predictable and rather than being throwaway will probably follow you home uninvited and throw an all night party at your house whether you like it or not.