If you’re curious about working with me but are not sure about the process, just shoot me an email for a FREE consultation. It can be on the same day we shoot or before. This is something I love to do, and I only want you to feel great about the process and what you get out of it.


I don’t have one style. I like to adjust the style for who I’m shooting. Everyone’s different and I think their photo should represent that, especially in a Headshot. Coming from Los Angeles I’ve had my share of headshot horrors and disappointing experiences that usually cost me $800 or more. I felt the headshots never looked like me, that’s not my hair, or the way I ware my make up, or my expression. My photos looked like everyone else, and they didn’t help me get the right auditions I wanted. This was not intirely the photographers fault, they didnt know me, however that is part of the job. I want to know who you are enough so I can bring out the best in you, and I recommend bringing your own music as that can help. I’ve been a performer and have worked in casting, and still it took me quite a while to discover my ‘look’, and there is no one answer to that question for anyone but there is a way to express that ‘look’ in a photo for casting, and that’s what our goal will be. I can tell you the best ‘look’ is your energy exuded. Your energy + complimentary clothing for your goal. A Commercial headshot will be different than a theatrical headshot in both colors and tone. Before a session, I want you to watch a TV show you want to book, or a movie you wish you were in, and a commercial. I want you to note the clothing, the colors, textures, accessories, hair and make up. It is SO specific. Productions spend hella money on getting looks right, our job is to help them imagine you in that spot as easy as possible. We want you to get into the room to audition, so you can book it.

Audition Prep/ On Camera auditioning

Audition preparation privates are also available. Auditions can pop up in a moments notice and can be very stressful. There’s so much to do in such a little time. I offer scene study, coaching, and filming. Living with a working actor, this is a regularity in our home. ;)

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