Nikki Christie is a singer-songwriter, and classically trained violist, an aspiring producer born and raised in Topanga Canyon, California.

With a songwriting style forged from poetry and a romance of cinema she captures a setting & story in all of her songs.  Her music has been described as Burlesque and a bit Cabaret, while also being compared to Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey, Madonna & Eartha Kitt. She's different and yet reminds you of your favorites.

Currently Nikki has a unreleased Pop/Alternative 5 song EP that she wrote and co-produced which can be listened to here

Coming up she has new songs with a common denominator: if Fatal Attraction was an album. The first song, retro in style is "Call Me Joan", which tells the story of a lustful affair that turns dark.

Nikki herself is much like her music: impactful, playful, classy, sensual, while perspicacious & relatable. She strives to make timeless, meaningful and fun music that a listener can get lost in as one would in classic songs and movies.

Currently Nikki has left her local Los Angeles and relocated to Nashville, TN.